mtes Neural Networks Announces Issuance of New Shares through Third Party Allotment to Toppan Forms
Company will accelerate development of IoT platform construction and AI robot sensors

Internet of Things (IoT) technology developer mtes Neural Networks Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO Takaro Harada; referred as mtesNN hereinafter) today announced that the decision has been made for new shares to be issued through third-party allotment to Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President Koichi Sakata), and for mtesNN to become an equity method affiliate of Toppan Forms. The plan is for the capital raised to be used in IoT platform construction, AI (artificial intelligence) robot sensor development, and AI specialist hiring to accelerate development of its IoT solutions business.

■ IoT Platform Development

mtesNN has to date developed IoT monitoring systems for energy, structures, and people’s health. Moving forward, the company will accelerate development of its proprietary IoT platform. The gateway for this platform will support not only mobile phone communication networks but also many other wireless networks including LoRa*. This will enable coverage in areas outside of mobile phone service such as underground and in mountainous areas, enabling operating costs for communications to be significantly reduced. The combined use of solar power and thermal power generation will make power line installation unnecessary, and dramatically lower installation costs as well.

■ Development of Robot to Robot (R2R) Sensors with AI Chips

Currently, it is common practice for businesses to use cloud system when deploying IoT or AI. However, high deployment and operating costs are a barrier, leaving many businesses unable to use cloud. mtesNN is developing robot sensor technology in which AI chips are equipped in IoT sensors, enabling sensors to act as robots and make decisions. At the same time, the company is also developing a robot-to-robot (R2R) network which will significantly reduce the load on cloud system by enabling robot sensors to share information with each other, which is done by introducing blockchain technology into robot sensors.

mtesNN aims to dramatically reduce installation and operating costs associated with deploying IoT and AI for businesses and organizations. Based on the idea of “deploying the latest technology at an affordable cost for everybody,” the company will use the funding raised to accelerate the technology development described above.

*LoRa is a LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) communication standard operating in the 920 MHz band that enables long-distance communication while minimizing power consumption.