mtes Neural Networks to Release AI Makibishi Camera & Arukas Crime Prevention Street Light on November 30
LED Crime Prevention Street Light with AI Camera, No Power and Network Installation Required
Useful for emergency lighting and to help children and senior stay safe


Internet of Things (IoT) technology developer mtes Neural Networks Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO Takaro Harada; referred as mtesNN hereinafter) will release four models of LED outdoor lighting equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring cameras, called the AI Makibishi Camera & Alcus Crime Prevention Street Light, on November 30 2018. The products were jointly developed with LED lighting manufacturer Three S Inc. (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President Munehisa Shimazaki; referred as Three S hereinafter), and are completely standalone solar-powered outdoor lighting products that require no power or network connections.

In recent years, the need has arisen for a solution to blackout that results from frequently occurring natural disasters. Although there is a decreasing trend in criminal offenses, the demand for protection of children and seniors has been growing each year.

To address these needs, mtesNN has combined its IoT and AI technology with LED outdoor lighting technology developed by Three S to create this new line of products. The use of technologies from both companies has made it possible to install crime prevention street lights at less than half the budget compared to what it would cost to install equivalent features separately. While the small operating costs including cloud usage fee and LoRa wireless communication costs are still necessary as before, costly power line and wired networking installation that were previously needed during initial installation is no longer necessary. As a result, street lights and crime prevention monitoring cameras can be easily installed in locations that were previously regarded as inaccessible. These include parks, parking lots, shopping areas, alleys, mountain roads, etc.

■ Product Overview:

Product name: AI Makibishi Camera & Arukas Crime Prevention Street Light

Features: Self-powering with solar panel (output)
Equipped with rechargeable battery to combat general power outages (approximately 9 days of power with 10 hours of use nightly) AI camera with local memory and cloud data storage
Reduced communication costs with LoRa communications and image transmission during power outages Transmission and storage of high resolution images at three images per second with ultra image compression technology
Learning ability with AI camera (face recognition and event learning) 220-degree wide angle lens for wide angle images

Performance: (See separate spec sheet)

Types: 15W / 30W / 45W / 60W(open pricing)


mtesNN and Three S can keep the actual costs of construction, installation, and operation at one-third to one-half compared to equivalent products from other companies, and as such they are aiming for installation of 20,000 lights in the first year (ending March 2019), and 1 million lights in the domestic and overseas markets by 2020.