mtes Neural Networks Strengthens Partnership with Taiwan Blockchain Leader DTCO, Advances Overseas Business
Provides technology to IoT project CitiOS for protecting safety in the city

Internet of Things (IoT) technology developer mtes Neural Networks Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Takaro Harada; referred as mtesNN hereinafter) will strengthen its ties with Taiwanese blockchain company Digital Treasury Corporation (Location: Taipei, Taiwan; CEO Jacob Lee; below referred to as DTCO) to advance its overseas business strategy. mtesNN reached an MOU (memorandum of understanding) on March 6, 2018, on the provision of blockchain technology. On December 13 of the same year, the two companies reached an agreement to establish the CitiOS project, to provide protection using IoT systems via the collaborative effort. As part of its overseas business strategy, mtesNN will start providing technology to CitiOS in January 2019.

■ Project CitiOS Aims to Overcome Societal Issues Using Leading-Edge Technology

The idea behind the CitiOS project is to aim to overcome societal issues by using leading-edge technology such as blockchain, IoT, and AI of the companies participating in this project. The goal is to use these technologies to solve environmental energy problems, to eliminate regional conflicts, and to create societies where people can live peacefully and safely. These societies will allow everybody to use networks fairly and justly, and to create wealth.
To that end, the project is looking for businesses around the world that offer a good fit with DTCO’s blockchain technology as well as with mtesNN’s IoT and AI technologies. By consolidating the technologies of each company, the project will offer services that secure safety and peace of mind not only in big metropolitan areas but also at local cities.

■ Product Developed Based on mtesNN Proprietary Algorithms to Be Rolled out Overseas First in Asia

As part of open innovation, mtesNN is developing proprietary solutions in partnership not only with DTCO but also with multiple oversea companies including semiconductor solutions provider QuickLogic of the U.S., thermal power generation specialist Matrix Industries of the U.S., and major communications solutions provider Edimax of Taiwan. Products developed based on proprietary algorithms include Structural Health Monitoring system (SHM) and AI Makibishi Camera & Arukas Crime Prevention Street Light (AI Camera & Crime Prevention Street Light). SHM not only measures temperature and humidity but also detects the slope of a structure in real time using an accelerometer. AI Camera & Crime Prevention Street Light is LED lighting that does not require a power connection due to its solar panel and rechargeable battery. At the same time, it is an anti-disaster and crime prevention system that is also equipped with an AI camera capable of transmitting high resolution images via LoRa communication. After all, CitiOS project proposes to local regions where aging of buildings and bridges is an issue. For areas where power and the Internet connectivity are an issue, the company plans to offer AI Camera & Crime Prevention Street Lights.

The two companies will roll out mtesNN’s SHM and AI Camera & Crime Prevention Street Light overseas. For example, in the street light market, there is market research indicating that 360 million street light bulbs will be replaced with LED lights worldwide moving forward. Because the AI Camera & Crime Prevention Street Light can be installed in locations with poor access to power and network connectivity, the company predicts the demand to be double.

Moving forward, the company plans to combine its technology with technologies and services of other partner companies so that it can roll out services featuring highly secure IoT and AI systems starting in Asian countries.